So you have probably searched around trying to find good practical information on portable voice recorders. This short guide will give you basic run down of the major brand handheld voice recorders on the market. This information is meant to help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a digital voice recorder.

Pocket digital voice recorders are typically used by students for recording lectures, while doctors, lawyers, paralegals, private detectives, police detectives, accountants and people of various professions use these devices for business and personal dictation to just about anyone for any personal type of use at home as well.

Aside from voice recording capabilities, the Micro Digital Voice Recorder can also be used as a USB flash disk drive for saving data, storing MP3s, and for transferring important data from one computer to another computer. The Digital Recorder includes mini headphones to listen to all of your recordings and for playing back MP3 music recordings that you transfer from your computer to your digital voice recorder via the included USB cable. The Digital Voice Recorder also has a built-in FM Radio.

Most digital voice recorders these days can handle storing other types of data in addition to recorded audio. Most recorders have built in flash memory and can double as a USB mass storage device similar to a jump drive that you can store files like documents or images. The Olympus WS series voice recorders actually split apart and one half can be used as a jump drive.

You can find digital recorders with music player, professional dictation recorders, and micro-cassette recorders. Their features include reliability, attractive design, and quick transfer of files to the computer, easy editing and portability.

It is possible to erase multiple files at once. Files can also be transferred easily. In LP mode, it is possible to record uninterrupted audio of up to 15 minutes. They come with at least 3 recording modes. You select the one you want depending on what you are recording. Most use 2 triple-A batteries which are included when you purchase it.